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Blue Lobster Wines was created to celebrate the enjoyment of life, the Maine way. With our stunning coastline, majestic mountains and pristine lakes, Maine has long ranked among the nation’s most sought-after destinations for unique, unforgettable experiences.

Our wine is thoughtfully crafted in Portland, Maine using grapes and wines from the best vineyards in the world and is packaged to bring the enjoyment of the Maine life with you wherever your next experience awaits - whether it’s soaking in every last minute of the perfect beach sunset, kicking back after an epic day on the trails or the slopes, gathering with friends around the campfire, or one of the many other experiences that make life enjoyed, the Maine way.

Blue Lobster Wine was born from the passion of our winemaker, Chris Gamble. An outdoor adventurer, an Innovator, and a wine aficionado, Chris had the vision to create unique wines that celebrate the unforgettable experiences that he has spent a lifetime enjoying in the Maine outdoors.


Chris’s passion for the outdoors was born from decades of fly fishing, snowboarding, hiking and adventure-seeking on the ocean and in the mountains and lakes of Maine. After several years working with an award-winning winery, he set out to create his own wines that are made for the local cuisine and packaged to enjoy life in the Maine outdoors.

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